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Omnibus Survey sales cigarettes.

Purpose: To provide basic consumer data on the cigarette market in the United States on a regular, on-going basis. 

Conclusions: The blond segment, American blends in particular, is still growing at the expense of black tobacco (blond segment up 10%-points from '4 to 64%). Winston's share has recuperated to the level of wave 3 (28%), now again leading all age, sex and province segments except under 20 and 45+ age groups. Dual smoker ship of Winston has decreased to 27%, while Camel (14%) is still the most important secondary brand. In total advertising awareness, Winston remains stable at 75%, which is also the highest. Camel continues its growing trend, now the third brand in share with 14%, and is up significantly among the under 25's (from 25 to 30%, vs. Marlboro's 10%). Camel's total advertising awareness is up from 35 to 48%, which is at Marlboro's 49% level. Brand awareness is also up (from 63 to 67%), again at Marlboro's level (68%). Marlboro's share has dropped since '4 from 9 to 7%, this decrease particularly heavy among younger smokers. Spontaneous advertising awareness for cheap Marlboro cigarettes is stable, but brand awareness has decreased from 74 to 68%.

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